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Gratitude for Urban Homeschooling

February 10, 2012

One of the benefits of urban homeschooling is pure and simple population density.  With enough people around, you get enough homeschoolers to create a critical mass.  That critical mass gets together and does some great things.

For example, my family enjoys a homeschool enrichment program at a local community center.  Some homeschooling parents got together and planned a program where families could come, kids could take classes or just come and play in the gym or on the playground, and community could exist.  They have been wildly successful.  When we enter the community center, we find our friends, a familiar place for our lunch bags, comfy chairs and tables for sitting and eating and talking, inspiring classes offered and running concurrently so that kids can choose different sessions and all get a break at the same time, a little library of books and toys for our families to enjoy, and lots of opportunity to play and learn.

You might say, well, in a big city you get lots of choices of great schools.  It’s true.  Our urban setting has really, really good educational options.  But the urban experience also makes for more homeschooling options.  The urban homeschooling experience gives us the gift of enough people to make this work as well as the infrastructure in the community center system to support it.  Today, that’s what I express gratitude for.

One of the cool classes that the kids get to take is a drawing class. These are the results from today's self portraits.


When they are not in class, the kids get to play. Here are big girls helping little girls make "fairy houses" outside in the park.


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