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April 1, 2012

Today I am grateful for my friend, Sara.  She has had such a profound impact on my life.  Today I went to a lecture with Cindy Leavitt from the Neufeld Institute.  And I sat in that room, where I knew so many people, most of whom were linked to me through Sara in one way or another.  Sara was one of the people who inspired my decision to homeschool my kids.  Sara introduced me to the attachment parenting community.  Sara introduced me to Gordon Neufeld and other experts in child development, who have had profoundly helpful influences on my parenting choices, and even who I am now as a person.  Incidentally, this person I am now is not someone I ever planned on becoming.  This does not fit the original plan.  But it’s much, much better.

Part of our relationship has been Sara sharing her power and influence with me.  But part of our friendship has been a lovely sharing, back and forth, about common ground and learning from one another.  We have worried over our kids’ academic performance.  We have contemplated our families’ diets, allergies, and food psychology.  We have listened to each other’s stories about mama milk and the sufficiency or insufficiency thereof.  We have shared social angst and tried to figure things out for our families in so many ways.

I was thinking how everyone should have such a good friend who so generously shares her ideas, her food, and her house.  And then I realized a whole lot of people do, because that room could have been the Sara fan club.  Forget about Kevin Bacon.  It’s all Six Degrees of Separation from Sara.

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