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Owls in Our Family

April 1, 2012

We don’t actually have any owls in the family, but we were all feeling like it would be a love of fun to have owls in the family after reading Farley Mowat’s book by the same name.  I read this aloud to the kids at bedtime for a few nights.  It’s a pretty short book and a lovely read-aloud book.

It’s a great read-loud book for the whole family for a variety of reasons.  First, there is so much to discuss! We criticized the boys for some of their ideas and actions.  We discussed how times had changed, laws had changed, and attitudes had changed since Farley Mowat was growing up in Saskatoon.  While we didn’t like everything they did, we liked the boys in the story and respected their sincere kindness and caring for the animals.

Second, we learned a lot.  Mowat is a skilled storyteller and naturalist.  He teaches about the animals in such an engaging way that you hardly notice you are learning anything.

Finally, you want to read this aloud with someone because you will want to share the laughter!  There were many times when we had to stop reading and just laugh at the stories Mowat shared.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but imagine stories involving a family that lives with groundhogs, dogs, and owls who think they are people.

This book made us want to learn more about owls.  We have the following recommendations:

And for just the fun of a sweet book with an owl as the main character:

Owl at Home one will make you laugh and will even make you cry, at least it will if you are four years-old.

Another great book with owl protagonist for your not-quite-reading child (and anyone who likes comics):

Now the question is whether the kills will want to dissect owl pellets…..


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