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The Verdict is in: Fitbit by a mile

April 29, 2012

Remember my experiment of using both Fitbit and Bodymedia’s Core Armband for a while?

Well, the gist of it is that they both work very well and the data they collected was so comparable that any variations were not statistically significant.

I do like the Bodymedia web interface a lot more than the Fitbit interface.  It lets you look at data in interesting ways that Fitbit does not.  To be fair, I had to pay for the Bodymedia web service and the Fitbit web service is free.  Fitbit has an upgrade and it might be better.  I have not tried it yet.  Some might even prefer the less complex service for free, which may give Fitbit an edge.

But ultimately there were two things that made my decision for me.  First, the Bodymedia armband was really uncomfortable.  My skin felt irritated and I just did not like to wear it.

Second, the Bodymedia armband doesn’t have a display.  It requires either a separate product or a plug-in sync with your computer to read the data.  It’s just more steps than I need in my life.  I am working toward less complication rather than more.

I will still keep the Bodymedia device and use it when I am traveling, though.  The Fitbit never works for me when I can’t sync every day.  It loses data.  This is a major bug that I hope Fitbit will continue to improve.  We’ll see if the Bodymedia can handle being away from a syncing station for a few days and I will let you know.

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